Monday, January 7, 2013

Bloodweight: A Review

Bloodweight by Eva LeNoir

The story is about Ellen, a vampire slash kick boxer, and her *the* SIRE of all vampires, Nash. 

I didn't feel that the story focused enough on the ending. It seemed almost as if the author realized how long her story was and decided that it was long enough and threw a quick ending in, instead of clearing up the issues that should have been cleared up.

It goes back to what many stories focus on these days, and that's the male lead dominating the female with his body and how women fall for it, willingly.

I think that if Ellen was truly the strong female vampire described in the beginning, no matter how "mind blowing" the sex was, she would have stood her ground a bit more. I feel that the sex scenes (while great as they were) could have used a little more resistance from her. All it did was make Ellen seem weak and we know she is not.

♥ 1/2

**I was given this novella in exchange for an honest review.**

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