Monday, September 21, 2015

Finding Ever After (Ever After Series Book 1) By Stephanie Hoffman McManus

Finding Ever After is a great novel by the wonderful Stephanie Hoffman McManus. This book, is the story of Jaxyn.

Jaxen mysteriously left town at 18 to escape a living hell. It was the second time her world was shattered. The first time, she was only twelve.

Sebastian, or Bas has he is usually called, has been her best friends since she was five, when she and her mom moved in next door to him, his dad, and his brother Chris.

After running for three years, Jax returns to the only home she ever knew in Boston. The hell of her past threatens all of those around her, including bad boy Kyden, lead singer of a local band.

Talk about a great way to start off a series! Don't forget your tissues! You will need a lot.


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