Monday, September 28, 2015

Miss Merry's Christmas by Callie Hutton

This beautifully written period romance struck a chord with me. I am eager to find out if there are similar books by Callie Hutton as her storytelling is wonderful.

Set in 1817 England, American Meredith Chambers, governess to two young orphans, takes the children to their new guardian, The duke of Penrose, David Worthington.

Simply being American is enough to upset Penrose, but it only gets worse when he learns that his new wards have had a carefree childhood thus far and are ill prepared for their places in society.

Penrose quickly replaces Miss Chambers and is anxious for her departure. This is due to the fact that he suddenly has conflicting feelings for her. Things don't go as planned, for either Miss Chambers or Penrose in this beautifully written story.

Come meet Meredith and David and travel back to a time when sleigh rides and high society ruled all, in a marvelous winter wonderland.

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