Monday, September 14, 2015

Testing Fate (Book 3 - Mystic Wolves)

By now you all know how much I loved Mystic Wolves and Forget Me Not. Now it is time for book 3, Testing Fate.

The book begins with Darcy, Devlin and Mason being taken by the fates, accused of tampering with their destiny, which could cost Darcy and Mason a lifetime of happiness. To resolve the questions, both Mason and Darcy must agree to participate in and complete The Heart or Death - a series of tests that uncovers a persons true worth and heart.

At her most vulnerable, Darcy faces the unknown in this high stakes test. Her only companion is Devlin, one of her closes friends for as long as she can remember.

No matter the outcome, a shocking revelation is made after the test. How will this affect Darcy from this point on? How will she react? How will this affect those around her?

For that, you will have to read book 4 - Forever Changed (I haven't yet, so no spoilers please ;) )


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