Friday, December 4, 2015

25 Days of Spotlights: R.L. Merrill

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25 Authors have come together to produce a Christmas Box Set of Paranormal Bad Boy Romances. 
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Today we are spotlighting R.L. Merrill, whose story, "Minded... A Haunted Paranormal Story" is part of this boxed set.

Maggie Stone must help those she left behind find their harmony once again, but getting through to her angry-at-the-world, angel-faced escort with a big attitude proves to be a much tougher challenge.

I recently sat down with RL and asked the tough questions (LOL)

Q: Hey there R.L.! Let's do this! Which books do you have out right now?
A: Haunted
The Rock Season
Teacher: Act Two
Teacher: The Final Act
Santa's Naughty List: My story is titled Minded
Q: Do you have any books coming out soon?
A: My next release is tentatively scheduled for February 13, 2016 and it is titled Road Trip: A Rock Season Novel

Q: What made you decide to become a writer?
A: I didn't decide! I started writing to deal with some icky stuff in my life and it just sort of happened! The stories just kept coming.

Q: Is there a room or place in your home (or elsewhere) that you find you write better in?
A: Lately it's my bedroom. I can hide in here. I'm working on making it a bit more of a better place for me, more organized, more of my music in here...

Q: Do you have a specific brainstorming process for your stories?
A: Nope. I'm a total pantser.

Q: Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
A: DIET COKE is my lifeblood! (Mine too!)

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: Chocolate fer sher

Q: Do you listen to music while you write? Anything specific?
A: YES! Always. I have playlists I put together that "sound" like my story or like the character (I write Rock 'n' Romance so yeah, I have lots of muses!)

Q: Do you have a specific routine when writing?
A: Nope. A lot of the time I'm writing on the run: at the horse barn while my daughter has lessons, in my car outside my son's karate class, during my lunch at work, late at night, stealing a couple of hours to sit at a place with refillable Diet Coke!

Q: What author/author's would you consider an influence?
A: I don't know that any have influenced my actual writing, but several influenced the path I took to become a self-published author. Cynthia St. Aubin, Tiffinie Helmer, Kerrigan Byrne, Renee George and T.E. Ridener were all huge helps to me. I also have two writing partners who have stood by me daily for the past year: Ellay Branton and Kimberlie L. Faye.

Q: Do you prefer city life or country living?
A: City. I lived in a tiny town during college and I loved it, but I'm a city girl. Born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay Area and I'm still in love with it.

Q: Is your ideal home a beach house or a cabin in the woods?
A: Beach house. I do love the ocean. It's the only place I don't suffer from horrific allergies.

Q: How do you (or would you) deal with writer's block?
A: Drive. Especially over water. Shower. Take a trip. Go to a concert. Use the app called Brainstormer. Read something really juicy.

Q: What advice would you give aspiring writers?
A: Write every day and just write. Don't judge, don't should on yourself. Have at least 2-3 books finished and fairly polished before you start publishing, especially if you go indie or self because you will need to keep up momentum and it's really hard to keep writing while trying to promote your work.

Q: If you could only have one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
A: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. It has everything. My all time favorite book. (I love that book! My paperback is wearing out. I bought the Kindle version, but had too many errors for me)

Q: Ok how can we stalk.. er, find you?
spotify: rlmerrillauthor

Thanks for this interview opportunity! 

Thank you so much, R.L.  I really appreciate you sitting down with me :)

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