Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bree Pierce: Spotlight Day 2

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to stop by and make sure that everyone has seen the giveaway.

I also wanted to share an email I got from Laine Grant. Laine is in the following books:

My name is Laine Grant, but many now know me as the phoenix.  I am the living embodiment of the being that keeps the balance between good and evil, the balance between the world of the humans and vampires.  When that balance is tilted greatly in one direction or the other every thousand years or so, the phoenix is reborn into a vampire.  That vampire is me.
Years ago I was kidnapped by vampires from an underground community when I was just 8.  They raised the kidnapped children while feeding off of them and once the children were of age, they were given the choice to become a vampire.  Before I had been there long, the young prince helped me escape.  We met again in college, but he was one of them.  It was not revealed to me until it was too late and I found myself to be carrying his child.  During the pregnancy I slowly turned into the blood-thirsty vampire of legends; the birth completing the process. 
I never asked for this.  In fact, I hated vampires after what I went through, but I could never deny the love I felt for Harry.  Now, I sit on a gilt throne contemplating the future as he takes the seat by my side.  No one is above me, but together we rule this area, and vampires from afar come to us because of who I am, because my power is greater than any other.  And it will be needed.  Harry doesn’t know it, but I have foreseen the future.  Something is coming, and it will destroy many lives, human and vampire alike.  I have seen the decimation of the world.
I don't know about you, but I am eager to meet her!

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  1. Love everything Bree Pierce writes!! Everyone needs to get to know her.