Spotlight Information

Author Spotlight
Two weeks maximum.

Spotlight includes:
  • Author interview posted on the blog (shared on Facebook as well).
  • Custom banner for Crazy For Indies FB page including you and/or your works.
  • Guest post (up to you if you would like to do this)
  • Character biography written in first person.
  • 3rd person biography (Similar to what many do on their Amazon Author pages).
  • Sharing of your teasers, covers/blurb, etc throughout the week on Facebook.
  • "Featured Post" on the blog which links to a post of your choosing for the length of the spotlight. (Interview, biography, guest post, etc)
  • Amazon link to your book(s) on the sidebar.
  • Author sponsored giveaway (I will set it all up, just let me know what you would like to offer as prizes. I do have a swag company, and we can work out a discount if you would like items from there).

What I need from you:
  • One text document (Either Word or notepad) that includes all of the text you want included in your spotlight, including bio, guest post, etc. Please do not include images in the document. Please also include your FULL URL's (no "shrunken" links will be allowed).
  • Images must be attached to the email. Covers/Wraps, blurbs, teasers, etc. If you include wraps, your banner(s) will include 3D graphics that you can later purchase for $3 each.
  • If you would like a review, please allow 3 weeks for me to read the book. This means we may have to schedule your spotlight a bit later, but it will have an honest review. Please send the book in Kindle (.mobi) format, as it is easier to read on my original Kindle.

If you are interested in scheduling a spotlight, please email 

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